Strategy and Consulting

Strategy and Consulting

Our team boasts of over 16 years’ experience in e-commerce and cross channel retail and we guarantee that with our triable plans your business will go places.

Market Research

We conduct full market research to evaluate the market size, growth opportunities and probable challenges/threats.

Feasibility Study

We utilize primary and secondary sources of market research to carry out systematic study regarding our proposed strategy to assess the project’s practicality.

Operating Model

Recognizing the most suitable and productive operating model for your business, enterprise or brand.

Business plan & Roadmap

We create a comprehensive implementation roadmap and business plan to improve the performance of your business.

Analytics & Reporting

We implement appropriate tracking, data analysis techniques to encourage useful suggestions for increase in growth.

Interim Management

With services of the most credible and experienced interim managers we manage to support your project for the required time.

E-Commerce Strategy

Our digital strategy services are perfect for business owners looking to boost brand performance and for retailers trying to make their presence felt on the digital arena. We develop an all-inclusive e-commerce strategy to ensure data-driven decision making. We use latest technologies and practices to help our clients obtain higher revenues and desired results.

Brand Awareness

We enhance brand awareness and also devise ways to make your brand and business recognizable to potential customers far and wide.

Merchandising Strategy

A variety of e-commerce merchandising techniques such as up-selling, cross-selling, customer segmentation, faceted navigation and advanced site search are utilized by our experts.

Marketing & Promotion

To bring more traffic to your website and to improve performance of your business, we can create the best strategy.

Acquistion & Retention

To target your customers and ensure their loyalty we will develop most effective strategies.

Business Processes

We create appropriate business processes to develop and market your website so that it becomes a successful e-commerce outlet.

Business Development

We implement a truly global internet strategy for boosting online sales, e-marketing, affiliations and web listing.